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Prophecy of Ro Explorer (10 Points)

This achievement is gained upon visiting all the zones in the Prophecy of Ro.

Arcstone, Isle of Spirits Traveler
 Skylance Traveler
Relic, the Artifact City Traveler
 Freeport, Academy of Arcane Sciences Traveler
 Freeport, Arena Traveler
 Freeport, City Hall Traveler
 Freeport, Hall of Truth Traveler
 Freeport, Militia House Traveler
 Freeport, Theater of the Tranquil Traveler
Ruins of Takish-Hiz Traveler
 The Root of Ro Traveler
The Elddar Forest Traveler
 Tunare's Shrine Traveler
The Devastation Traveler
 The Seething Wall Traveler
Sverag, Stronghold of Rage Traveler
 Razorthorn, Tower of Sullon Zek Traveler
Theater of Blood Traveler
 Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance Traveler



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