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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Past (Group) (20 Points)

Complete the following quests to gain access to Korafax, Home of the Riders:

Captain Hiran Tillin - Familiarity is Key
Captain Hiran Tillin - Stop the Contamination
Captain Hiran Tillin - A Dread Challenger
Raxtor Darkpaw - Beat the Blackburrow Boss
Lanys T`Vyl - Rain of Ruin
Commander Barvian - Safe Passage
Firiona Vie - Bitter Victuals
Jaled`Dar - Audience With the Warmaster
Jaled`Dar - The Brood of an Emperor
Jaled`Dar - The Price of Knowledge
Jaled`Dar - Defeat the Dragonbane Phalanx
Jaled`Dar - An Impenetrable Shield
Sterik Gristmaker - Retinue of the Frog-God
Nedsin Tabbels - Whom Frogs Destroy
Nedsin Tabbels - The Wrath of Korascian
Nedsin Tabbels - Find Your Allies
Ylatra the Vassal - Disrupt the Siege
Ylatra the Vassal - Champions No More
Ylatra the Vassal - Murdunk's Last Stand


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