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Mercenary of Thuliasaur Island (10 Points)

This achievement is gained upon completing the following quests in Thuliasaur Island

Historian Fjilnauk - Honoring the Elders
Historian Fjilnauk - Recovering Our History
Historian Fjilnauk - Memories of the Kromtus
Fisherman Trokk - The Fisherman's Secret
Scout Krenk - Dirty Work
Scout Szarsis - Defending the Tribe: Triceratopses
Scout Szarsis - Defending the Tribe: Ankylosauruses
Scout Szarsis - Defending the Tribe: Raptors
Scout Szarsis - Defending the Tribe: Tyrannosauruses
Supplier Thissus - A Meal of Meats
Supplier Thissus - A Meal of Greens
Supplier Thissus - Fortifying the Water Supply
Supplier Thissus - Resupplying the Sundries
Advisor Thasil - The Night is Dark
Ritualist Krasir - Tending to the Temple
Etsyl - A Shining Gift
Wing - Bloodfeather Weapon Supplies
Wing - Stocking the Stores
Talon - The Ebonwing Threat
Talon - Softening the Shells
Talon - In Shadow of Moonlight
Silwat Viltor - Aiding the Ailing
Silwat Viltor - Our Simple Purpose
Silwat Viltor - To Whom It May Concern
Maetanrus - The Lost Observations
Ilsaria - Our Worldly Anchors
Ilsaria - A Drowning Suspicion
Praetoria Okkirus - A Fateful Arrival


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