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Challenger of The Broken Mirror (60 Points)

This achievement is gained upon completing all the heroic adventure challenges in The Broken Mirror.

Bane of Decay: Challenge of Toughness
Bane of Decay: Time Trial
Defenders of the Faith: Challenge of Toughness
Defenders of the Faith: Time Trial
Faster... FASTER!
There Can Be Only One
First Impressions Only Happen Once
Under the Robe: Challenge of Toughness
Under the Robe: Time Trial
The Handmaiden: Challenge of Toughness
The Handmaiden: Time Trial
No Heroes (Group)
All Heroes (Group)
No Relife for Allies (Group)
Undead Underground: Challenge of Toughness
Undead Underground: Time Trial
Deadline: Challenge of Toughness
Deadline: Time Trial
Gifts Unopened (Group)
Three for One
Et tu, Kebaber? (Group)
Decay Decreased: Challenge of Toughness
Decay Decreased: Time Trial
Force the Forceful: Challenge of Toughness
Force the Forceful: Time Trial
No Unity (Group)
No Restoration (Group)
Non Transferable (Group)
The Bokon High Council: Challenge of Toughness
The Bokon High Council: Time Trial
The Head of the Snake: Challenge of Toughness
The Head of the Snake: Time Trial
Pure Destruction
Dancing in the Pain
None Shall Fall



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