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Serpent Seeker's Charm of Lore (Various 1+) (50 Points)

Librarian Hemfar is looking for a number of important artifacts from the lands surrounding the Serpent's Spine. For your efforts he will reward you with a powerful charm:

Broken Nokk Insignia under some discarded bones in Crescent Reach
Ancient Jewelry Box in a pile of bones in Crescent Reach
Linguist's Note on a table in the inn in Crescent Reach
Murdunk's Rites Beads under a pile of dusty rocks in Blightfire Moors
Preserved Hairy Halfling Foot where the red flower grows in Blightfire Moors
Petrified Leather Boot Sole around some ancient rocks in Blightfire Moors
Ancient Blighted Bark buried under moss-covered rocks in Blightfire Moors
Preserved Kithicor Baneleaf on rustling banebloom in Stone Hive
Devan's Feathered Arrow under age-old stones in Goru`kar Mesa
Thunderhorn of the Tribe in an old Tuffein lockbox in Goru`kar Mesa
Sliver of Goru`kar's Willowstaff on waving woodblossom in Goru`kar Mesa
Sparkling Windwillow Leaf on silverspun petals in Goru`kar Mesa
Cracked Waterspring Scepter under some algae-covered stones in Goru`kar Mesa
Split Ravenoak Bow in a storage crate in Goru`kar Mesa
Oread's Willow Whipvine in a pile of forgotten bones in Goru`kar Mesa
Dromrek Worry Stone from Shrynn in Goru`Kar Mesa if you help him with his problem
Silvered Blackfeather Plume attached to a feathered fernstem in Blackfeather Roost
Muddy Royal Scroll from the hill giants in The Steppes
Wulfnor Crown Gem in a worn jug in The Steppes
Lock of Veldyn's Hair found on Obsidian in Sunderock Springs
Elven Child's Vinewand found on Slave Driver Azza in Sunderock Springs
Trinket of the Scale found on Dranadune in Sunderock Springs
Relicstone Torch found on Sulfurog in Sunderock Springs
Doomfount's Essence found on Doomfount in Sunderock Springs
Vergalid Scale from various creatures found inVergalid Mines
Gate Guardian Core found on Guardian of the Gate in Direwind Cliffs
Cursed Lorekeeper's Quill found on the tougher icewing griffons in Icefall Glacier
Shattered Krithgor Keystone on the ground in Icefall Glacier
Core of the Tyrant found on Magmaraug in Ashengate
Oblivion's Dark Core found on Oblivion, a raid target in Sunderock Springs
Direwind Totem from Gusts summoned by Severan the Direwind Caller, a raid target in Direwind Cliffs
Ambersnout's Snout found on Ambersnout the Aberration, a raid target in Ashengate West
Elddar Moonlocket found on Dyn`leth, Firstborn of Lethar, a raid target in Ashengate North
Ebonheart of Lethar the Black found on Lethar, a raid target in Ashengate North
Illegible Diary from Lorekeeper Bentolf / Lorekeeper Udengar Dergon, raids in Frostcrypt / Valdeholm
Runed Sash of the Wraithguard found on Beltron the Shade King, a raid target in Frostcrypt
Krithgorian Royal Crest found on Harfange the Black, a raid target in Frostcrypt

Hidden Steps

  • Serpent


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