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Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem (Various 20+) (100 Points)

Work with the Wayfarers Brotherhood to uncover the secrets hiding in the lost dungeons of Norrath:

Work with the Wayfarers to earn your Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem:
 Complete 70 adventures in Deepest Guk.
 Complete 68 adventures in Miragul's Menagerie.
 Complete 76 adventures in Mistmoore Catacombs.
 Complete 74 adventures in Rujarkian Hills.
 Complete 78 adventures in the ruins of Takish-Hiz.

Hidden Steps

  • Dungeons
  • Get your LDON Stone


Wayfarers Brotherhood Emblem (Various 20+) By: EQResource Achievements On: May 30, 2017, 10:19:09 AM

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