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The Depths of Darkhollow (Various 70+) (100 Points)

The Skull of Den Lord Rakban can be yours if you can complete all of the following tasks. You will want to bring allies for these tasks:

Reconstruct The Skull of Den Lord Rakban:
 an old shiliskin fortune teller - Undershore - The Depths of Darkhollow
 Work with Bellfast in Corathus Creep to find Fibblebrap:
 - Bellfast - Find Fibblebrap, The Mines
 - Bellfast - Find Fibblebrap, Lost Caverns
 - Bellfast - Find Fibblebrap, The Hive
 - Bellfast - Find Fibblebrap, The Korlach
 - Bellfast - Find Fibblebrap, The Rescue
 Work with Shadowalker Dustspirit in Stoneroot Falls to reveal the truth about Elder Longshadow:
 - Shadowalker Dustspirit - Freeing an Elder
 - Shadowalker Dustspirit - The Orb of Subversion
 - Shadowalker Dustspirit - A Plea for Help
 - Shadowalker Dustspirit - Trailing Longshadow
 - Shadowalker Dustspirit - Confronting a Traitor
 Work with Widdlethorpe Gemfinder in Stoneroot Falls to learn more about the Korlach Leviathan:
 - Widdlethorpe Gemfinder - The Search for Coral
 - Widdlethorpe Gemfinder - Learning the Power
 - Widdlethorpe Gemfinder - Discovering the Secret
 - Widdlethorpe Gemfinder - Taking Control
 Work with Jarzarrad the Prophet in Undershore to learn the history of Shadowspine:
 - Jarzarrad the Prophet - Preemptive Strike
 - Jarzarrad the Prophet - Praetorian Guard
 - Jarzarrad the Prophet - The Fall of Illsalin
 - Jarzarrad the Prophet - Flight of the Seeker
 - Jarzarrad the Prophet - Into the Shadows
 Work with Brovil Pallivineg in Corathus Creep to rescue Cicero:
 - Brovil Pallivineg - The Lost Notebook
 - Brovil Pallivineg - Cavern Botany
 - Brovil Pallivineg - The Search for Clues
 - Brovil Pallivineg - Rescue Cicero!

Hidden Steps

  • Reach Level 70
  • Depths


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