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Dark Soul Crystal (Various 80+) (25 Points)

A powerful augmentation can be yours if you can best the challenges of Discord and Kuua. Construct the crystal from the shards obtained from the following tasks:

Reconstruct the Dark Soul Crystal from the 6 lesser crystals:
 Noble Yemall the Arcane - Lost Memories
 Commander Prezul - The Kyv are Coming
 Commander Prezul - Impairing the Ikaav
 Commander Prezul - Undoing the Ukun
 Commander Prezul - Knockdown the Noc
 Noble Mikuv the Rational - Deliver the Message
 Nahsulen the Tactician - The Ultimate Weapon
 Noble Ramel the Strategist - Supply Interruption
 Faction: At least indifferent with Dragorn Forces:
 * General Azerug the Honorable - Lifting the Fog
 * General Azerug the Honorable - Blunting the Spears
 * General Azerug the Honorable - Acolytes of Despair
 * Grithyank Avlonnon - Vile Weaponry
 * Citykeeper Nardic the Proud - Favors of the Hopelost
 * Citykeeper Nardic the Proud - A Limit to Despair
 Givrund the Devoted - The Missing Chalice
 Ziven - The Rescuers
 a disheveled human - Kill the Mindshear Attendants
 a disheveled human - Kill the Corporifers
 a disheveled human - Free My Mind
 a disheveled human - Find Telivar
 Telivar S`Vik - You Pay the Price
 Telivar S`Vik - Assist the Riftseekers

Hidden Steps

  • Reach Level 85
  • Seeds


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