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Taromani's Protection (Group) (10 Points)

Deliver the signets of Mata Muram's soldiers to Taromani in Riftseekers Sanctum to gain her protection:

Taromani in Riftseeker's Sanctum - Deliver the Full Insignia Case
 a Dragorn Prodigy in the Ruined City of Dranik - Weather-Worn Signet
 a Dragorn Mastermind in the Wall of Slaughter - Tarnished Signet
 a Dragorn Tactician in the Muramite Provingrounds - Glimmering Signet
 a Dragorn Battlemaster in the Riftseeker's Sanctum - Crystal-Gemmed Signet
 a Shrewd Dragorn in Dranik's Hollows - Two-Toned Signet
 a Cunning Dragorn in the Sewers of Dranik - Discolored Signet
 Insidious Dragorn in the Catacombs of Dranik - Dust-Marred Signet


Taromani's Protection (Group) By: EQResource Achievements On: May 30, 2017, 10:18:56 AM

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