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Lesser Master of Rain of Fear (80 Points)

Lesser Fearspeaker (50 Points)

Lesser Challenger of Rain of Fear (60 Points)

Savior of Shard's Landing (40 Points)

Dedicated Harbinger of Fashion (10 Points)

Ruthless (10 Points)

We got this! (10 Points)

Targeted Strike (10 Points)

Bladed Contrarian (10 Points)

Special Investigators (10 Points)

Cowards (10 Points)

Savior of East Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening (40 Points)

Killer of Tiny Terrors (10 Points)

Confronting Your Fears: Challenge of Toughness (10 Points)

Destroyer of Fear (10 Points)

Free Three (10 Points)

Defeat Zeixshi-Kar: Challenge of Toughness (10 Points)

Neverlasting Fear (10 Points)

Savior of The Crystal Caverns: Fragment of Fear (40 Points)

The Force of Fear (10 Points)

Horrific (10 Points)

Dreadstone, Schmedstone (10 Points)

Danela's Stand: Challenge of Toughness (10 Points)

Self Sufficient Miner (10 Points)

Suppressive Fear (10 Points)

Savior of Kael Drakkel: The King's Madness (40 Points)

A Just Sentence (10 Points)

A Swift Execution (10 Points)

Death to All Traitors (10 Points)

Quickly Crush the Coldain (10 Points)

Winners Are Losers (10 Points)

I Ain't Afraid of No Figments! (10 Points)

Savior of The Breeding Grounds (40 Points)

Don't be a Rat (10 Points)

The Rise of the Ancients: Challenge of Toughness (10 Points)

Dracolich Slayer (10 Points)

Ignoring the Auras (10 Points)

Aura Borealis (10 Points)

Whelp Slaughter (10 Points)

Savior of Evantil, the Vile Oak (40 Points)

Goral Killer (10 Points)

Fear Not: Challenge of Toughness (10 Points)

Humanitarian (10 Points)

Sneeze Guard (10 Points)

Heart of the Oak: Challenge of Toughness (10 Points)

Fire Maker (10 Points)

Savior of Grelleth's Palace, the Chateau of Filth (40 Points)

I'm a Pool for You (10 Points)

The Machinations of Kotul: Challenge of Toughness (10 Points)

Blow Your House Down (10 Points)

No More Rats! (10 Points)

Persistent Guardians (10 Points)

Temper Tantrum (10 Points)

Savior of the Chapterhouse of the Fallen (40 Points)

Run, You Fools!: Challenge of Toughness (10 Points)

By the Power of Dead Skulls (10 Points)

Plagueborn (10 Points)

Let it Burn! (10 Points)

Out of Body Experience (10 Points)

Avoiding the Wraith's Wrath (10 Points)

Savior of the Valley of King Xorbb (40 Points)

Punishment Fit for a Lord (10 Points)

Subjugating the Subjugators (10 Points)

Crushing the Conquerors (10 Points)

Killers of Gods (10 Points)

Supreme Golem Killer (10 Points)

Don't Look Now! (10 Points)

Test Your Reflects (10 Points)

Winning Through Procrastination (10 Points)

Spare the Damned (10 Points)

Find the Gems... or Die!: Challenge of Toughness (10 Points)

So Very Careful (10 Points)

Challenger of Shadow of Fear (10 Points)

Savior of Chelsith Reborn (40 Points)

I Love Snakes (10 Points)

Behind the Veil (10 Points)

Let My People Go (10 Points)

Performance Anxiety (10 Points)

Crowd Compliance (10 Points)

Save the Slave (10 Points)

Savior of the Plane of Shadow (40 Points)

Giving Chase (10 Points)

Crystal Dodger (10 Points)

Shard Mode (10 Points)

Shadow Boxer (10 Points)

Dispelling the Shadows: Challenge of Toughness (10 Points)

Death Pact (10 Points)

Challenger of the Heart of Fear (10 Points)

Savior of the Heart of Fear (40 Points)

Fear of Nothing (10 Points)

Crystal Crisis (10 Points)

Building Menace (10 Points)

Just a Touch of Death (10 Points)

One More Than You Need (10 Points)

Cart Before the Horse (10 Points)