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See the Darkened Sea (10 Points)

The Deep Darkened Sea (10 Points)

Riding the Storm Out (10 Points)

Articles of Ambition (Tempest Temple) (10 Points)

Subtle Extinction (Tempest Temple) (10 Points)

Preserver's Prizes (Tempest Temple) (10 Points)

Ritualistic Remains (Tempest Temple) (10 Points)

Secrets Beneath the Ocean (10 Points)

Waterlogged Tomes (Katta Castrum: Deluge) (10 Points)

Seabed Treasures (Katta Castrum: Deluge) (10 Points)

Shissar Armory (Katta Castrum: Deluge) (10 Points)

Katta Castrum Mementos (Katta Castrum: Deluge) (10 Points)

Island Fragments (10 Points)

Beachcomber's Booty (Brother Island) (10 Points)

Dropped Detritus (Brother Island) (10 Points)

Itching Insects (Brother Island) (10 Points)

Island Sands (Brother Island) (10 Points)

Cavern Collectibles (10 Points)

Subaqueous Seashells (Caverns of Endless Song) (10 Points)

Dearly Beloved (Caverns of Endless Song) (10 Points)

The Endless Song (Caverns of Endless Song) (10 Points)

Remnants of the Enraptured (Caverns of Endless Song) (10 Points)

Dwarven Depths (10 Points)

Comfort in the Deep (Degmar, the Lost Castle) (10 Points)

Keep Keepsakes (Degmar, the Lost Castle) (10 Points)

Tools of the Assassins (Degmar, the Lost Castle) (10 Points)

Keepsakes of the Murdered (Degmar, the Lost Castle) (10 Points)

The Lost of This Land (10 Points)

Empty Nest (Thuliasaur Island) (10 Points)

Our Fading History (Thuliasaur Island) (10 Points)

The Faceless' Forgotten (Thuliasaur Island) (10 Points)

The Last Boat (Thuliasaur Island) (10 Points)

Far, Wide and Deep (10 Points)

Cruelty T`Vyl (Combine Dredge) (10 Points)

Dredging Drudgery (Combine Dredge) (10 Points)

Twenty Leagues (Combine Dredge) (10 Points)

Armatalium Odalia (Combine Dredge) (10 Points)

Arx Anthology (10 Points)

Apprentice's Accoutrements (Arx Mentis) (10 Points)

Ascendant's Afterthoughts (Arx Mentis) (10 Points)

Articles of Animation (Arx Mentis) (10 Points)

Actualized Accounts (Arx Mentis) (10 Points)