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Conqueror of Lceanium (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Doorstep of War (10 Points)

Protector of House Katta (Raid) (10 Points)

Guardian (Raid) (10 Points)

You Be The Hero (Raid) (10 Points)

Conqueror of The Temple of Droga (10 Points)

Vanquisher of The Summoning of Droga (10 Points)

No Priests for You (10 Points)

Death of the Lofty (10 Points)

Life for the Lofty (10 Points)

Conqueror of Chardok (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Prince Selrach Di`Zok (10 Points)

Never Give Up (10 Points)

Maximum Anger (10 Points)

Light in the Proper Darkness (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Queen Velazul Di`Zok (10 Points)

Charming (10 Points)

Doomless (10 Points)

Take One (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Atrebe's Vault (10 Points)

No More Cores (10 Points)

Jump Through All The Rings (Raid) (10 Points)

Totem Goes Wild (Raid) (10 Points)

Conqueror of Kor-Sha Laboratory (10 Points)

Vanquisher of The Kar`Zok (10 Points)

Destroy All Shields (10 Points)

Freezing Rage (10 Points)

Burning Rage (10 Points)

Vanquisher of An Ancient Dragon (10 Points)

Draconic Rage (10 Points)

Total Control (10 Points)

Incorruptible (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Atrebe Sathir (10 Points)

No Return (Raid) (10 Points)

Everything Reborn (Raid) (10 Points)

Fire Control (Raid) (10 Points)