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Hero of Ka Vethan (10 Points)

Savior of Ka Vethan (20 Points)

Shei Vinitras: Running With Shears (10 Points)

Shei Vinitras: Don't Cut the Strings (10 Points)

Shei Vinitras: Mending Ways (10 Points)

Hero of Vex Thal (10 Points)

Savior of Vex Thal (20 Points)

Aten Ha Ra: Calm the Stones (10 Points)

Aten Ha Ra: Merge Not (10 Points)

Aten Ha Ra: Unstomped (10 Points)

Hero of Basilica of Adumbration (10 Points)

Savior of Basilica of Adumbration (20 Points)

Oubliette of Light: Graspless (10 Points)

Oubliette of Light: Complete Control (10 Points)

Oubliette of Light: Unchained (10 Points)

Hero of Bloodfalls (10 Points)

Savior of Bloodfalls (20 Points)

Close the Gate: No Moss (10 Points)

Close the Gate: Shadow Self (10 Points)

Close the Gate: Incomplete Shadows (10 Points)