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Remnants of the Lost (20 Points)

Firefall Pass Scavenger (10 Points)

Onokiwan Toys (10 Points)

Journal of an Original (10 Points)

Firefall Artifacts (10 Points)

Hawks' Pilfered Trinkets (10 Points)

Shadeweaver's Tangle Scavenger (10 Points)

Gor Taku Masonry Tools (10 Points)

Nepeta Petals (10 Points)

Loda Kai Poacher Tools (10 Points)

Pigmented Lava Glass (10 Points)

Remnants of the Hidden (20 Points)

Shar Vahl, Divided Scavenger (10 Points)

This Used to Be My Training Ground (10 Points)

Shar Vahl Guild Signets (10 Points)

Articles of Brokenness (10 Points)

Dreams of the Whisperlings (10 Points)

Paludal Depths Scavenger (10 Points)

Zombugs (10 Points)

Stinking Badges (10 Points)

Recondite Sashes (10 Points)

Forsaken Affairs (10 Points)

Remnants of the Night (20 Points)

Ruins of Shadow Haven Scavenger (10 Points)

Empty Nester (10 Points)

Vestiges of Rampage (10 Points)

The Ax Forgets, But The Tree Remembers (10 Points)

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Teachings (10 Points)

Deepshade Scavenger (10 Points)

Prop Hunt (10 Points)

A Bunch of Wild and Fungis (10 Points)

Color Theory (10 Points)

Places, People! Places! (10 Points)

Darklight Caverns Scavenger (10 Points)

Spirit Imbued Flora (10 Points)

Fragments of Kezhda's Memories (10 Points)

Darklight Critters (10 Points)

Musings of Kejaan Kerrath (10 Points)