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Headhunter (The Overthere) (10 Points)

A vast expanse of lush wildlands inhabited by amazing native creatures is just awaiting rote decapitation.

Rhino Skull
Sarnak Skull
Sabretooth Skull
Chokidai Skull
Turtle Skull
Scorpikis Skull
Cockatrice Skull
Succulent Skull


  • Your choice of the following:
    • AA (Scales by Level)
    • Experience


  • Rhino Skull
    • This comes from Rhino mobs, throughout the zone
  • Sarnak Skull
    • This comes from Sarnak mobs, throughout the zone
  • Sabretooth Skull
    • This comes from Sabretooth mobs, throughout the zone
  • Chokidai Skull
    • This comes from Chokidai mobs, throughout the zone
  • Turtle Skull
    • This comes from Crabs, and general Water mobs, found at the beach and in the Water
  • Scorpikis Skull
    • This comes from Scorpikis mobs, throughout the zone
  • Cockatrice Skull
    • This comes from Cockatrice mobs, throughout the zone
  • Succulent Skull
    • This comes from Succulent mobs, throughout the zone

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