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I'm a People Person! (10 Points)

What Keeps Mankind Alive? (10 Points)

Three Letter Word for Dead... (10 Points)

Short People (10 Points)

Simple Folk of the Ykesha (10 Points)

Bounced! (10 Points)

Mostly Kunzar (10 Points)

Catnipped In the Bud (10 Points)

Amphibicide (10 Points)

Rats! (10 Points)

Eight Legs Are Better Than One! (10 Points)

The Hounds (10 Points)

The Cat's Pajamas (10 Points)

Bird Flew (10 Points)

Monkey Business (10 Points)

I'm Boared! (10 Points)

Orc Kill! (10 Points)

Me Thinks That You'll Be Good to Eat! (10 Points)

Gnolling is Half the Battle (10 Points)

Kobolded Killer (10 Points)

Gooooooooooooooolem! (10 Points)

Drawing Life From a Stone (10 Points)

Living Stone I presume? (10 Points)

Herbicide (10 Points)

Dragonbane (10 Points)

You Call That a Dragon? (10 Points)

A Giant Problem (10 Points)

Shorter People (10 Points)

Slayer of Mystical Horses (10 Points)

It's Plane to See (10 Points)

Breakdown Dead Ahead (10 Points)

Natives of Velious (10 Points)

Natives of Luclin (10 Points)

Natives of Taelosia (10 Points)

Natives of Kuua (10 Points)

Natives of Alaris (10 Points)

Such Anguish (10 Points)