-> Raids

Appease The Gatekeeper (Raid) (10 Points)

Conqueror of Brell's Rest (10 Points)

Conqueror of The Cooling Chamber (10 Points)

Conqueror of Pellucid Grotto (10 Points)

Conqueror of The Underquarry (10 Points)

Conqueror of The Foundation (10 Points)

Conqueror of Arthicrex (10 Points)

Unlock The Mystery (Raid) (10 Points)

Conqueror of Fungal Forest (10 Points)

Conqueror of Lichen Creep (10 Points)

Conqueror of Brell's Temple (10 Points)

Conqueror of Convorteum (10 Points)

Vanquisher of the Convorteum (50 Points)

Vanquisher of The Gatekeeper (10 Points)

I Am The Keymaster! (10 Points)

Price of Perfection (10 Points)

Vanquisher of The Stone Warden (10 Points)

Army of One (10 Points)

Army of Two (10 Points)

You and Whose Army? (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Unstable Creation (10 Points)

Resistance (10 Points)

Suppression (10 Points)

Crowd Control (10 Points)

Lockdown (10 Points)

Vanquisher of The Keymaster (10 Points)

Gatekeeper (10 Points)

Vanquisher of The Hall of Records (10 Points)

One Must Stand (10 Points)

Two's A Party (10 Points)

A Little Help From My Friends (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Magus Sisters (10 Points)

Make Them Watch (10 Points)

Half Sisters (10 Points)

Slumber Party (10 Points)

Vanquisher of The First Creation (10 Points)

Take It To The Bridge (10 Points)

A Bridge Two Far (10 Points)

Fire Under The Bridge (10 Points)

Grand Slam (10 Points)