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Conqueror of Arx Mentis (10 Points)

Destroyer of the Praetor (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Defense of the City (10 Points)

Best for Last (10 Points)

The Center Holds (10 Points)

Slapstick (10 Points)

Destroyer of the Citadel (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Principal Quastori Numicia (10 Points)

Balance of Power (10 Points)

Auctus Possessed (10 Points)

Facultas Possessed (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Principal Vicarum Nomia (10 Points)

Galeth Vere'live' (10 Points)

None Shall Rise (10 Points)

Death Stands (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Principal Indagatrix Lucia (10 Points)

Ognit Ezner'to be' (10 Points)

Magia is for Murder (10 Points)

Half as Deadly (10 Points)

Destroyer of Calix Quirinus (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Calix Quirinus (10 Points)

Avoiding Una (10 Points)

Sparkless (10 Points)

Evil Ended (10 Points)