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Hero of The Temple of Veeshan (10 Points)

Savior of The Temple of Veeshan (20 Points)

Aaryonar: Rule of Three (10 Points)

Aaryonar: Maximum Echo (10 Points)

Aaryonar: No Orbital Explosion (10 Points)

Hero of Dragon Necropolis (10 Points)

Savior of Dragon Necropolis: Zlandicar (20 Points)

Zlandicar Reborn: For the Music (10 Points)

Zlandicar Reborn: Zero Growth (10 Points)

Zlandicar Reborn: Skin Care (10 Points)

Hero of Skyshrine (10 Points)

Savior of Skyshrine (20 Points)

The Crusaders: Shared Pain (10 Points)

The Crusaders: Uncleaned! (10 Points)

The Crusaders: The Hard Way (10 Points)

Hero of The Sleeper's Tomb (10 Points)

Savior of Sleeper's Tomb: The Call (20 Points)

Vulak'Aerr: Defensive Measures (10 Points)

Vulak'Aerr: Preventative Measures (10 Points)

Vulak'Aerr: Let Them Go (10 Points)