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The Combine's Return (10 Points)

The Divided Empires (10 Points)

Reunification (10 Points)

Misplaced Tools (Lceanium) (10 Points)

Historic Finds (Lceanium) (10 Points)

Dreadleaves (Lceanium) (10 Points)

Portal Dust (Lceanium) (10 Points)

Where the Obulus Once Stood (10 Points)

Burned Wood (The Scorched Woods) (10 Points)

When the Stars Fell (The Scorched Woods) (10 Points)

Unearthing the Sky (The Scorched Woods) (10 Points)

Big Time (The Scorched Woods) (10 Points)

Trailblazing (10 Points)

Natural Treasure (Frontier Mountains) (10 Points)

Drinking Solution (Frontier Mountains) (10 Points)

Regal Graverobbing (Frontier Mountains) (10 Points)

Frontier Festivities (Frontier Mountains) (10 Points)

Underground Frontier (10 Points)

Taken Tokens (The Temple of Droga) (10 Points)

Mountain Death Trinkets (The Temple of Droga) (10 Points)

Memories of Nurga (The Temple of Droga) (10 Points)

Stinkin' Badges (The Temple of Droga) (10 Points)

Di`Zok Keepsakes (10 Points)

Jailor's Halls (Chardok) (10 Points)

Brutal Accolades (Chardok) (10 Points)

Torturer's Tools (Chardok) (10 Points)

Alchemist's Reagents (Chardok) (10 Points)

Sathir's Court (10 Points)

Lesser Things (Gates of Kor-Sha) (10 Points)

Laboratory Labors (Kor-Sha Laboratory) (10 Points)

Atrebe's Study (Kor-Sha Laboratory) (10 Points)

Korshessence (Kor-Sha Laboratory) (10 Points)