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Hearing the Call (10 Points)

Worlds Apart (10 Points)

Look Into The Future (10 Points)

Separate Ways (10 Points)

The Source of the Ethernere (10 Points)

Scattered Civilization (The Western Plains of Karana) (10 Points)

Geological Discoveries (The Western Plains of Karana) (10 Points)

Ethernere Remnants (The Western Plains of Karana) (10 Points)

Influence of the Ethernere (The Western Plains of Karana) (10 Points)

Dead Relics (10 Points)

The Plaguebringer's Chosen (The Dead Hills) (10 Points)

The Spared (The Dead Hills) (10 Points)

Kyle's Cadre (The Dead Hills) (10 Points)

Remnants of the Unlucky (The Dead Hills) (10 Points)

Bixie Hive Hodgepodge (10 Points)

Eager Entomology (Bixie Warfront) (10 Points)

Loathsome Leftovers (Bixie Warfront) (10 Points)

Prolific Pollinators (Bixie Warfront) (10 Points)

Acquired Armaments (Bixie Warfront) (10 Points)

The Darklight Palace (10 Points)

Neriak Book Club (Neriak - Fourth Gate) (10 Points)

Treasures of Neriak (Neriak - Fourth Gate) (10 Points)

Fourth Gate Flora & Fauna (Neriak - Fourth Gate) (10 Points)

Royal Weaponry (Neriak - Fourth Gate) (10 Points)

Less Is More (10 Points)

Missing Mementos (Ethernere Tainted West Karana) (10 Points)

Miniature Meals (Ethernere Tainted West Karana) (10 Points)

Matronymic Markers (Neriak - Fourth Gate) (10 Points)

Military Missives (Bixie Warfront) (10 Points)

Miraculous Mixtures (Neriak - Fourth Gate) (10 Points)

Rotten Remains (10 Points)

Tools to Build a Tower (Tower of Rot) (10 Points)

Makeshift Materials (Tower of Rot) (10 Points)

Unnatural Life (Tower of Rot) (10 Points)

Explorers' Relics (Tower of Rot) (10 Points)

Burning Bibelots (10 Points)

Argin-Hiz Treasures (Argin-Hiz) (10 Points)

Elddar Texts (Argin-Hiz) (10 Points)

Remnants of Flame (Argin-Hiz) (10 Points)

Fiery Beauty (Argin-Hiz) (10 Points)