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Lesser Conqueror of Rain of Fear (40 Points)

Lesser Vanquisher of Rain of Fear (10 Points)

Conqueror of the Corrupted Temple of Veeshan (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Vulak`Aerr (10 Points)

None Shall Pass (10 Points)

Multi-Faceted (10 Points)

A Little Help From My Friends (10 Points)

Conqueror of Shard's Landing (10 Points)

Vanquisher of High Priest Syltetzalvek (10 Points)

A Kinder Gentler Murderer (10 Points)

Regular Sleuths (10 Points)

Impressively Bad (10 Points)

Conqueror of East Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Zeixshi-Kar's Shard (10 Points)

Suffer No Traitors (10 Points)

Free Five (10 Points)

Crystals Are Not Forever (10 Points)

Conqueror of The Crystal Caverns: Fragment of Fear (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Danela's Stand (10 Points)

Boulder Basher (10 Points)

Avoiding Explosives (10 Points)

Orc Preservation (10 Points)

Conqueror of Kael Drakkel: The King's Madness (10 Points)

Vanquisher of The Madness of King Tormax (10 Points)

Can't Touch That (10 Points)

Mass Crystal Consumption (10 Points)

The Angry Giant (10 Points)

Conqueror of The Breeding Grounds (10 Points)

Vanquisher of A Feast for Zalikor (10 Points)

Curing the Corrupted (10 Points)

Fire Fleer (10 Points)

The Cursed Cannot Live (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Velishan's Revenge (10 Points)

Scales of Stone (10 Points)

Any Two Forms Will Do (10 Points)

The Scales of Velishan (10 Points)

Conqueror of Evantil, the Vile Oak (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Heart of the Oak (10 Points)

Sneeze Guardian (10 Points)

Untrappable (10 Points)

Fire Master (10 Points)

Conqueror of Grelleth's Palace, the Chateau of Filth (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Grelleth, Her Majesty the Queen (10 Points)

Never Back Down (10 Points)

Regular Charmer (10 Points)

Flying a Kite (10 Points)

Conqueror of the Chapterhouse of the Fallen (10 Points)

Vanquisher of A Matter of Life and Death (10 Points)

Unwilling to Sacrifice (10 Points)

Keep Your Corpses Afloat (10 Points)

The Ultimate Sacrifice (10 Points)

Conqueror of the Valley of King Xorbb (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Guardian of the Gate (10 Points)

Whip it Good (10 Points)

Flame Resistant (10 Points)

Time of Death (10 Points)

Stop, Drop, and Roll (10 Points)

Whip It! (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Yymp the Infernal (10 Points)

Perfectly Cold (10 Points)

Remains of the Day (10 Points)

It Burns! (10 Points)

Vanquisher of The Return of King Xorbb (10 Points)

Avert Your Gaze (10 Points)

Mirror, Mirror (10 Points)

Procrastinators Unite (10 Points)

Conqueror of Shadow of Fear (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Shadow of Fear (10 Points)

Conqueror of Chelsith Reborn (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Champions of the People (10 Points)

Avoiding the Rage (10 Points)

Crowd Pleaser (10 Points)

Spare the Slave (10 Points)

Conqueror of the Plane of Shadow (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Dispelling the Shadows (10 Points)

What's Behind Door Number Three? (10 Points)

Reduce, Rinse, Repeat (10 Points)

Friends to the End (10 Points)

Conqueror of the Heart of Fear (10 Points)

Vanquisher of the Heart of Fear (10 Points)

Conqueror of the Threshold, Rebirth and Epicenter (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Glimpse, the Unseen (10 Points)

Fragged (10 Points)

Fragless (10 Points)

Avoiding the Deep End (10 Points)

Vanquisher of Memories of the Faceless (10 Points)

Sanity's Requiem (10 Points)

Unen'thrall'ed (10 Points)

Heart of the Fearless (10 Points)

Vanquisher of An End to Fear (10 Points)

There Can Be Only One (10 Points)

The Essence of a God (10 Points)

Stalling for Time (10 Points)