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The Depths of Fear (Rain of Fear) (10 Points)

Nothing Left to Fear (Rain of Fear) (10 Points)

Cleaning Up Cazic (Rain of Fear) (10 Points)

Chasing Cazic (Rain of Fear) (10 Points)

Stalking Fear (Rain of Fear) (10 Points)

At the Source (Shard's Landing) (10 Points)

A Tracker's Guide to Shard's Landing (Shard's Landing) (10 Points)

Alaran in Chains (Shard's Landing) (10 Points)

Fear in Pieces (Shard's Landing) (10 Points)

Signs of Madness (Shard's Landing) (10 Points)

Digging for Dragons (The Breeding Grounds) (10 Points)

Blessings of the Icewing (The Breeding Grounds) (10 Points)

Corruption Catalogued (The Breeding Grounds) (10 Points)

Life-size Fossils (The Breeding Grounds) (10 Points)

The Smellier the Better (The Breeding Grounds) (10 Points)

Death is Only the Beginning (Chapterhouse of the Fallen) (10 Points)

Death isn't Easily Undone (Chapterhouse of the Fallen) (10 Points)

Dem Bones (Chapterhouse of the Fallen) (10 Points)

Smite Makes Right (Chapterhouse of the Fallen) (10 Points)

Unfinished Business (Chapterhouse of the Fallen) (10 Points)

Down to the Last Dwarf (The Crystal Caverns) (10 Points)

Coldain's Last Stand (The Crystal Caverns) (10 Points)

Crystal Tchotchkes (The Crystal Caverns) (10 Points)

Gross Popsicles (The Crystal Caverns) (10 Points)

Hairy and Scary (The Crystal Caverns) (10 Points)

Heralds of War (Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening) (10 Points)

Gildorn: Madman or Visionary? (Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening) (10 Points)

Glimpses of Nightmare (Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening) (10 Points)

It Attracts All Kinds (Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening) (10 Points)

Weapons of War (Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening) (10 Points)

Nature is Weird (Evantil, the Vile Oak) (10 Points)

Gnomish Gizmos (Evantil, the Vile Oak) (10 Points)

Icky, Sticky, and Squishy (Evantil, the Vile Oak) (10 Points)

Nature's Corrupted Candy (Evantil, the Vile Oak) (10 Points)

Remnants of a Lost Life (Evantil, the Vile Oak) (10 Points)

This Little Piggy (Grelleth's Palace) (10 Points)

Delicious Meats (Grelleth's Palace) (10 Points)

Dirty Robotics (Grelleth's Palace) (10 Points)

One Pig's Trash (Grelleth's Palace) (10 Points)

Resilient Nature (Grelleth's Palace) (10 Points)

Chilling with the Giants (Kael Drakkel) (10 Points)

101 Ways to Keep Your Chin Warm (Kael Drakkel) (10 Points)

A Faerie Fun Party (Kael Drakkel) (10 Points)

Icy Artifacts (Kael Drakkel) (10 Points)

Prime Predators (Kael Drakkel) (10 Points)

Eye Won! (Valley of King Xorbb) (10 Points)

Gelatinous Geometry (Valley of King Xorbb) (10 Points)

Mementos of the Fallen (Valley of King Xorbb) (10 Points)

Minotaur Warfare (Valley of King Xorbb) (10 Points)

Unrestrained Science (Valley of King Xorbb) (10 Points)

Dark Secrets (Shadow of Fear) (10 Points)

A City Unraveled (Chelsith Reborn) (10 Points)

Fight for Your Life (Chelsith Reborn) (10 Points)

Below the Surface (Chelsith Reborn) (10 Points)

Crystal Takes Many Shapes (Chelsith Reborn) (10 Points)

The Magic of Science (Chelsith Reborn) (10 Points)

The Tilted Balance (Plane of Shadow) (10 Points)

Before There Was Peace (Plane of Shadow) (10 Points)

Secrets of an Entire World (Plane of Shadow) (10 Points)

Balance of Shadows (Plane of Shadow) (10 Points)

Corrupted Guardians (Plane of Shadow) (10 Points)

At the Heart of It (Heart of Fear) (10 Points)

No Body Left Behind (Heart of Fear) (10 Points)

Hidden Faces (Heart of Fear) (10 Points)

Whuzzle's Worst Nightmares (Heart of Fear) (10 Points)

Kill Them Before They Grow (Heart of Fear) (10 Points)