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The Plains of Kunark (10 Points)

The Ruins of Kunark (10 Points)

The Over Under (10 Points)

Headhunter (The Overthere) (10 Points)

Botanical Bounty (The Overthere) (10 Points)

Soilsuppers (The Overthere) (10 Points)

Decorated Driftwood (The Overthere) (10 Points)

Fire In the Sky (10 Points)

Bloodstones (The Skyfire Mountains) (10 Points)

Skyfire Trophies (The Skyfire Mountains) (10 Points)

Scouting Accessories (The Skyfire Mountains) (10 Points)

Ritual Runes (The Skyfire Mountains) (10 Points)

Cryptic Excavation (10 Points)

Tribal Currency (The Howling Stones) (10 Points)

Imperial Heritage (The Howling Stones) (10 Points)

Slaves of the Empire (The Howling Stones) (10 Points)

Echoes of the Dead (The Howling Stones) (10 Points)

Treasure Hunting (10 Points)

Ancient Insects (Sathir's Tomb) (10 Points)

Sebilisian Medallions (Sathir's Tomb) (10 Points)

Crypt Dust (Sathir's Tomb) (10 Points)

Tomb Tokens (Sathir's Tomb) (10 Points)

Gorowynning (10 Points)

Krellnakor Badges (Gorowyn) (10 Points)

Arcron Artifacts (Gorowyn) (10 Points)

Wulthan Ceremonies (Gorowyn) (10 Points)

Fereth Authority (Gorowyn) (10 Points)

Taking a Peak (10 Points)

Dragonkin Scales (Veeshan's Peak) (10 Points)

Fractured Findings (Veeshan's Peak) (10 Points)

Rocks and or Boulders (Veeshan's Peak) (10 Points)

Dragonhunter's Folly (Veeshan's Peak) (10 Points)