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Festival Lights (10 Points)

Erollisi Day Lovers (Halas) (10 Points)

Erollisi Day Haters (Neriak - Foreign Quarter) (10 Points)

Citadel Orchids (Liberated Citadel of Runnyeye) (10 Points)

It's a Mixed Bag (10 Points)

Vintage Toy Ships (Stone Hive) (10 Points)

Practically Impractical Gifts (Crescent Reach) (10 Points)

Discovery of Thunder (Jaggedpine Forest) (10 Points)

Curiously Crusty (Barren Coast) (10 Points)

Storm Debris (Barren Coast: Mouth of Madness) (10 Points)

The Silence of Daylight (Castle Mistmoore) (10 Points)

Reluctant Recruits (Castle Mistmoore) (10 Points)

Vampire Trappings (Castle Mistmoore) (10 Points)

Timeless Fashion (Castle Mistmoore) (10 Points)

All That Glitters is Lava (Nagafen's Lair) (10 Points)

Dedicated to the Flame (Nagafen's Lair) (10 Points)

Puppy Love (Nagafen's Lair) (10 Points)

Bat Attack (Nagafen's Lair) (10 Points)

Throw Your Own Hand (Lavastorm Mountains) (10 Points)

Creepers, Dodders, and Uninvited Lodgers (The Feerrott) (10 Points)

Clutch of Fungi (Blightfire Moors) (10 Points)

Chewed Froglok Snacks (Innothule Swamp) (10 Points)

Echoforged Cracked Bone Fragments (10 Points)

Misplaced Dollies (10 Points)