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Hunter of The Scarlet Desert (30 Points)

This achievement is gained upon defeating the following rare monsters in The Scarlet Desert:

Binpral Rockfoot
Bloodtribe Agitator
Bloodtribe Ancient
Bloodtribe Bonecollector
Bloodtribe Prophet
Bloodtribe Seer
Bloodtribe Sneakster
Bloodtribe Surveryor
Bloodtribe Wiseman
a gigantic sunflower
a grol baku benefactor
a grol baku bodyguard
a grol baku keeper
a grol baku retainer
Killer Vine
Kraen Flameweaver
a lightcrawler drone
a lively lightcrawler
a poisonous sunflower
Possesed Sun Revenant
a prismatic lightcrawler
Redanyt Pwinlun
Ruinous Sun Revenant
scarlet cheetah gatherer
scarlet cheetah hunter
scarlet cheetah huntress
scarlet cheetah matriarch
scarlet cheetah patriarch
a sluggish sunflower
Sun Revenant Chancellor
Sun Revenant Desecrator
Sun Revenant Magistrate
Sun Revenant Primatus
Sun Revenant Smiter
Sun Revenant Warlock
Sunlord Wedazi
a tainted lightcrawler
a thorny sunflower
a tro jeg adversary
a tro jeg aggressor
a tro jeg assailant
a tro jeg captor
a tro jeg commander
a tro jeg firekeeper
a tro jeg heathen
a tro jeg heretic
a tro jeg hooligan
a vas ren archon
a vas ren bruiser
a vas ren champion
a vas ren fugitive


Hunter of The Scarlet Desert By: EQResource Achievements On: August 03, 2017, 04:12:08 AM

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