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Rallosian Battle Figure (Various 80+) (25 Points)

A powerful familiar which boosts your hitpoints and mana can be yours if you complete the following tasks in Toskirakk and Korascian Warrens:

Reconstruct the Rallosian Battle Figure from the pieces of armor:
 an injured slave - Times are a Chainin'
 Wazlum - Against the Grain
 Galadvert Nablisten - The Prince Must Die!
 Galadvert Nablisten - The Crimes of War
 Galadvert Nablisten - Massive Retaliation
 Dwerina Feystalker - Millik's Remains
 Dwerina Feystalker - Humble Petition
 Dwerina Feystalker - Augury of Time
 Dwerina Feystalker - The Cult of Lakkung
 Jink - Streets of Justice
 Fregg the Tamer - Fregg's Challenge
 Blurik the Runner - Blurik's Toil
 Keruk Garrkol, Beetle Herder - Beetle Wrangling
 Nedsin Tabbels - Find Your Allies
 Nedsin Tabbels - Whom Frogs Destroy
 Nedsin Tabbels - The Wrath of Korascian
 Ylatra the Vassal - Disrupt the Siege
 Ylatra the Vassal - Champions No More
 Dalikand Darkhammer - Get to the Delve
 Delver Hagorn - A Plague of Mephits
 Delver Hagorn - Darkhammer Supply Run
 Delver Hagorn - Supplication for Mercy
 Delver Hagorn - Master of the Mines
 Ulgin Darkhammer - Crystal Clarity
 Ulgin Darkhammer - Primal Terrors
 Ulgin Darkhammer - Unusual Properties
 Ulgin Darkhammer - Pinnacle of Destruction
 Sterik Gristmaker - Retinue of the Frog-God

Hidden Steps

  • Reach Level 80
  • Seeds


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